Mpire of Dance is a virtual fitness studio designed for all levels. We empower you to learn with personalized one-on-one training from wherever you are in the world. Broaden your health horizon and start learning today.

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Pilates is one of the top low-impact forms of exercise for all levels of athleticism. You will learn full body breathing techniques while strengthening the core. Everyone has an area of tightness, weakness, and/or imbalance. Pilates helps to get your body centered and on-track to a life of pain-free longevity.

You have only one body for your whole life, let's take care of it!


Ballet has been around for more than five centuries. We offer private lessons and classes in Ballet. Learn the art and technique of Ballet from beginner and beyond.


Originally used for injured soldiers, Pilates will aid your healing process with functional exercise and rehab training. Unlock the secrets of strengthening your body for life.

Join the Mpire for live group classes through zoom! From Ballet, to Pilates, Drop-in and start learning with other students from around the world.


Our workshops take you through live video lessons, discussions, and seminars on improving specific moves and techniques for all levels.


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