Learn the art of Ballet, a form of dance that has been around for more than five centuries! Absolute Beginners will start with learning basic positions and movements,  while Beginner/Intermediate Ballet will expand your knowledge and dive deeper into intermediate movements. 


If you are constantly having aches and pains, and feel overall tight, Pilates will help you greatly. Originally used for injured soldiers, Pilates works to enhance athletic performance, while rehabilitating for injury prevention. It also focuses on building stamina and improve postural alignment.


Athletes around the world have turned to Ballet for cross training alongside their dedicated sport. Increase your athletic performance with one-on-one Ballet training. Each session will progress from fundamental movement,  to increasing balance and flexibility. 


Soak in continued education with our seasonal workshops! Learn how to increase flexibility, help manage pain and injuries, the history of dance - and more! These workshops are hosted by professionals from around the world. Our goal is to provide you with diverse knowledge of dance, curated globally!



A note from owner Macy Koppa

I trained for my whole life to become a professional Ballet dancer, and once I crossed the threshold into the professional dance world, I knew working with the art of movement was where I belong. Some years after performing and accumulating injuries, I knew it was time to expand my career beyond the stage. I wanted to produce a  program for Athletes in cross training, low impact exercise for those with injuries, and connect those whose circumstance may not enable local dance training. So, I decided to create a virtual dance and fitness studio that can connect to a global audience! 

I have been very fortunate to make connections with dancers around the world, and I want Mpire of Dance to reach any aspiring dancer or wellness enthusiast- despite location, finances, or experience. Here's to creating a global Mpire of Dance. 



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